Real Estate

Greg WhittakerThe real estate market fluctuates with time but one constant is the excellent service you receive with Whittaker Insurance & Realty. Experienced, friendly agents are ready to help first time home-buyers or those individuals looking to relocate and sell an established home or business. You will find comfort while working with attentive licensed professionals at Whittaker Realty.

When buying a house there are many things to consider…location, price, amenities, etc. With a Whittaker Realty agent, searches are simplified, making the hunt for your dream home or land enjoyable. The staff will coordinate with various outlets to ensure they find the home or land that meets your criteria and expectations.

Selling your home or land can require tremendous time and effort. Whittaker Realty agents and salespeople are here to help simplify the process for you. Whittaker Insurance & Realty will handle all the necessary scheduling and advertising of your home. Working around your schedule to extend visits to potential buyers and interested investors is one of the many benefits of working with Whittaker Realty. Please call today if you would like to streamline the sale or purchase of property.

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